Privacy Policy

What is the cookie and what information does it store?

The cookie stores a user encoded session ID, without any other personally identifiable information (PII).

Does the cookie have an expiration?

Yes, the cookie expires after 8 hours.

What information does the web server collect?

The web server records the user IP address, browser version, date, and time of visit, none of which is PII.

How long is that information retained?

The information is erased after 90 days.

Is any PII stored during shopping or checkout?

At checkout, the system stores PII including the billing and shipping address details. These include first name, last name, phone, e-mail, address, city, zip, and any special shipping instructions. Only the last four digits of a card number get saved.

How long is that PII data stored?

All PII is erased after 90 days.

Is any other PII information collected or stored?

No other PII information is collected or stored.

Is my information shared outside Kennickell?

We do not share any of the abovementioned information with anyone, and internally, it is shared only enough to allow the order to get processed.

If you have any other questions about the storefront or the Kennickell privacy policy, please contact Laurie Schinzer at 912.233.4532, ext. 2137.